Helter Skeletons Ltd.    


Items to consider when ordering

your custom piece:

1. Shadowbox
2. Background
3. Contact Us For Suggestions

1. Shadowbox    Click on any picture below to enlarge.

Match the shadowbox color and wood with similar colors from your home or office.

Our standard wood is Select Pine. Other woods available upon request.

We can contain several fish in one box to create interactive scenes.



2. Background    Click on any picture below to enlarge.

When it comes to backgrounds, the sky is the limit. We're willing to position any color behind your skeleton.

Backgrounds can be created with felt.


3. Contact Us For Suggestions (contact us)

We can further assist you with your custom display when you contact us.

We look forward to helping you with your purchase.



or call us at: (321) 917-4499



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